Kin Kin Naturals Whitener, Soak and Disinfectant


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Kin Kin Naturals whitener, soak and disinfectant is an environmentally friendly and gentle product that is suitable for both front and top loaders.

This product is very concentrated so you only need to use 2 tablespoons per load. Perfect product for soaking modern cloth nappies!

All Kin Kin Natural products are made in Queensland and it is an Australian owned and operated company.



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Sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium percarbonate (oxygen releasing soda, rather than a chlorine bleach), sodium citrate (water softener based on citrus rather than poorly biodegradable petrochemicals), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), anionic surfactant (NO SLES, LAS or alcohol ethoxylate), lime essential oil, organic eucalypt essential oil.

Uncompromised cleaning

Formulating a detergent is a bit of an art! Kin Kin Naturals’ owner and formulator Felix is skilled in this art like no other eco brand formulator. Based on a combination of expertise, skill and 100% natural ingredients, Kin Kin are proud to say ‘these are natural products that actually work!’

Free of any toxic ingredients. Safe for precious skin, gardens, greywater, septic systems

Over 95% of Australian laundry detergents, including virtually all eco-brands, contain alcohol ethoxylate as a main component. This ingredient is classified as very toxic to aquatic organisms. Kin Kin Naturals products are free from alcohol ethoxylate, or any other toxic ingredient.

Formulated with care to leave no traces behind

Kin Kin products are believed to be the most garden and greywater and septic-friendly products in Australia.

  • plant (coconut) and mineral based
  • free of toxic ingredients, phosphate and high alkalinity
  • completely and readily biodegradable
  • palm oil free – to avoid causing deforestation
  • at least 95% less sodium than regular detergents

Sodium (‘salt’) is damaging for both soil and plants, causing clogging of soil and the dehydration of plants. The majority of Sodium salt used in detergents is just used as a filler. This can often be replaced – as Kin Kin does – by Potassium-based alternatives which are actually beneficial for plants and soil.

Kin Kin do not use the petrochemical surfactant called ‘LAS’ (linear alkylbenzene sulphonate) which is poorly biodegradable under anaerobic (low oxygen) conditions that may occur in septic systems and soil.

You will find no Sodium Laurel Sulphate or any toxic or skin sensitizing ingredients in Kin Kin Naturals products.

Local = sustainable

Kin Kin Naturals are produced in Kin Kin, Queensland by a family owned and operated business.

Dose a little, save more

Kin Kin products are ultra-concentrated. This saves packaging material and avoids needless shipping around of water and fillers. Please be aware of this concentration and use only the recommended dose.

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